Guy Touvron
Soliste international
International soloist
The high musicality of
international soloist  Guy Touvron
his most handsome trumpet playing put him on the same rank as Maurice Andr
Guy (three first prizes in international competitions : Munich, Prague and Geneva)
shares with Maurice 
André this humility which is the real mark of greatness. 



In the same spirit as Maurice, Dokshizer used

to say that he's learnt from Singers how to sing on his trumpet.
"Timofei and I had great admiration
for each other" M.A
Listen samples to T. DOKSHIZER playing the :
-Trumpet Concerto composed by Alexandre Goedicke (1877-1957)

 -Concert Etude in G minor (C Trumpet)

 -Etude op.8 n.12 (Bb Trumpet) by A. Scriabine (1872-1915)

- Trumpet Concerto op. 18 composed by Oskar Böhme (1870-1938)

Choral from Leipzig : Nun komm' der Heiden Heiland
(Come now, Saviour of the heathen) 
BWV 659 (Bb Trumpet) by Johann Sebastian BACH (1685-1750)




"Dizzy Gillespie, my brother of color..." MA


 Stacy Dee BLAIR
First winner of the Maurice Andre International
Trumpet Solo Competition (1979)

       Listen to Stacy playing the A piccolo Trumpet
in Telemann's D major concerto.
Organ : Diane Bish.
A wonderful performance...


Adolf Scherbaum
A legend


Jacques Jarmasson 
         The art of Pierre Thibaud will always enchant our ears !
We can listen to him via Youtube with Karl Richter in the
"Cum sancto Spiritu",
playing the little Piccolo Selmer, tuned in Bb, which is a very rare thing.
This tuning allowed Pierre Thibaud to get a splendid brilliant sound.

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