Jean-Michel-René SOUCHE

"If you Do Things differently, success will follow you like a shadow."  Sheldon Adelson

                            Born the 22th of April 1970 in the South of France. Painted his first oil painting at the age of 17.
Then studied Painting and Music, taking private lessons. In 2006, the artist moved to Odessa (Black Sea, Ukraine)
and started to paint intensively. He exhibited his work in galleries and organized solo exhibitions. He sold his paintings
in Drouot Paris Auctions (art expert : Dominique Stal) and in private collections in Russia, Ukraine, France, USA and China.
He is referenced in Artprice, Artnet and Akoun.  All his Painting are published in two Catalogues (around 600 pages),
available at Amazon.  Jean-Michel René SOUCHE, using only Lozenge-shaped canvasses, is the Founder of the
 Lozengist Art Movement.
This new movement was described in his “Lozengist Manifesto”.  He also published many Essays
about Art and Artists, Sheet Music & Recordings  - pseudonym : Leontsky * -
available at Amazon,, and Barnes & Noble.
The Artist is a member of the ADAGP**.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             (*) He is member of the Sacem. Coad 892850
(**) Référence ADAGP  : 1261986

The Artist on Artprice

The Artist on MutualArt

(From left to right) Jean-Michel René Souche,
Archbishop Hervé Giraud & HH. John Paul II in 1990.