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"I've never run after money ; on the contrary, i've always
tried to play the trumpet better, and this is that
which has paid off." M.A


A discography (over 250 recordings) will be found in the last part of Guy Touvron's book about Maurice André

(opus quoted.) This discography was written by Olivier Delavault. See also Lowrey's International Trumpet Discography.


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regarding Maurice André's recordings

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Exclusivity : listen to Maurice ANDRE's LP 45 ODEON albums

Rare 33 LP ODEON : Maurice ANDRE, la prodigieux trompettiste


Avec H. von Karajan

Avec Herbert von Karajan

"He's undoubtedly the best trumpet player but he's not from our world" Karajan

"Karajan was working too fast, i did not like that (...) He was a businessman. 

He was the very first conductor to do videos and was recording three time faster than the others."

Maurice André

The most famous Vivaldi "Trumpet Concerto " (after Sonata op.2 n.4 RV20)  was recorded by Maurice ANDRE & Von Karajan in 1974  for EMI.
 It was one of the greatest hits in all baroque trumpet history. Maurice played it on the Bb piccolo tpt.  
See an Eb version  for Bb Trumpet.


"My beloved recording is the Adagio of Albinoni with organist Jane Parker-Smith."

and also  

(This adagio from Giazotto/Albinoni is played in the version of great composer and arranger Jean-Michel Defaye)s



Maurice ANDRE, tpt

Wolfang KARIUS, church organ

Guy PEDERSEN, double bass

Gus WALLEZ, drums

Jean-Michel DEFAYE

Aria from D suite

Badinerie from B minor Suite

French Tune & Variations :

Air - Le petit quinquin

Trompettissimo/Swinging baroque (1970) - Another recording cherished by Maurice 
with superb arrangements written by Jean-Michel Defaye. 
Note that, despite the cover image, Maurice is playing here only the piccolo trumpet (4 valves).


EMI published, in 2008, an album (2 CD) to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the great trumpet player 

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More than 300 LP & Cd recordings - with covers - by Ole Utnes



"I always loved Bach (...) My greatest musical pleasure has been when i was
playing Bach with Karl Richter (...) I hear two measures of Bach and i find myself in another world." MA

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This documentary devoted to great german conductor Karl RICHTER (1936-1981) shows briefly Maurice from the 59th second.
Our trumpet player signed with the
MUNCHENER BACH CHOR following the 63 Munich's prize (see biography).
RICHTER, who lived since 1951 in Munich, heard about this great french trumpetist. Why did RICHTER ask Maurice to join his orchester ? For three main reasons :
- The B minor Mass was RICHTER's lance head. As we know, the first trumpet part is a very demanding one,
and RICHTER wanted a real musical predominance of the brass section.
- Taking a young french trumpet player - winner of a famous trumpet competition - was also a good thing for concerts tours.
- Endly, the fact that Maurice was playing his Selmer piccolo trumpet - a completely unknown instrument at this time -
was a decisive musical argument for the great german conductor. A musical critics of that time - Joachim Kaiser - wrote that
nobody has never heard the trumpet sounding like that in Bach' music.


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 Listen to the gorgeous soundtrack from the movie "Le cave se rebiffe"
(The Counterfeiters of Paris - Gilles Grangier/1961)
composed by Francis LEMARQUE.
One of the greatest trumpet music pieces composed during the twentieth century... if not the greatest.

Listen to the Cavatine

 This Cavatine comes from the superb LP recording AVE MARIA
with great arrangements of Jean-Michel DEFAYE, in a Swingle Singers style

Samples from the LP " Ave Maria"

BACH - Magnificat





to the gorgeous Nadir's romance " Je crois entendre encore"- Act 1 - The Pearlfishers from Georges BIZET